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You are a
gold mind.
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Today, You Don't Need Land To Be Free ...You Just Need A Landing Page!
How free do you feel right now? The information age is here. Whether you're an employe or entrepreneur, you need to be online. Your personal brand precedes you. Your freedom requires mastery—your self-mastery, skill mastery, mastermind, and money mastery. If you grow the first three, the fourth will follow. On this free webinar, you will learn:
  •  The Profit Pipeline: A simple funnel to build $100,000+ online business.
  •  The 6 Ways To Be Paid: How to turn what you're great at into revenue.
  •  The Fastest Path To Cash: A step-by-step process to generate revenue fast.
My Results Speak For Themselves...
184 Member Mastermind Group Launch
Courtney Sanders
Business Coach & Founder of
Quit Job & Became A Full-Time Speaker
Bobby Audley
College Speaker & Founder of Outside The Zone
3 Ways I Can Help You Succeed...
Stop Procrastinating
& Get Focused Now
The world is waiting on your unique contribution. Do you suffer from procrastination or perfectionism? End procrastination now...
Start & Grow A
Profitable Company
Business Mastery
You have a gold mind. Let's act like it. Do you have tons of business ideas, but don't know which one to choose? Start here...
Meet Go-Getters & Get Accountability
Mastermind Groups
Every success story involves other people. Do you need more accountability & like-minded friends to elevate your business? Find some...
Done With 1-On-1 Coaching
How To Escape The 1-On-1 & 1-And-Done Coaching Model & 
Create Customers For Life With Mastermind Group Coaching
Every success story involves other people. Do you need more accountability & like-minded friends to elevate your business? Find some...Every success story involves other people. Do you need more accountability & like-minded friends to elevate your business? Find some...
2018 New Year Goal Setting Seminar
Saturday, January 6th in New York, NY or via Livestream
See last year's recap video...
*First $15,000 In Livestream Ticket Proceeds Will Go To BUILD.ORG 
Create a vision for 2018 and join me at Saturday, January 6th for the 6th annual New Year Guide & Goal Setting Semin. We will set goals and intentions for our personal, professional, financial, social, spiritual, and entrepreneurial lives together. The live event will be in New York City and many more will be joining via livestream from all over the world.
The List Building Bundle
Are your social media posts not getting likes that you want? Are you 
tired of waiting to be discovered? Do you want to grow your email list?
In order to build your email list fast and profitably, you only need 3 things—a funnel, a product, and high-end offer. All it takes is 1,000 email address to start making 5-figure per month online. My new list building bundle includes Evergreen Enrollment, PowerPoint Profit, and Monetize Masterminds. Together, these will programs will lay the foundation for your online business.

Meet Jullien Gordon
My name is Jullien Gordon and I help Freedom Finders navigate this EntreprenNewReality. The reality is that we're all already entrepreneurs. An employee is simply an entrepreneur with one big client. To be free, you must recognize that you are a gold mind. You are the master of your own domain and domain name...and I'm here to help.

Companies & Community Service
I am CEO of, an online platform to help coaches manage their masterminds and clients' monthly goals
Since it's inception, I've serve on the local board of directors helping them strengthen their volunteering and fundraising strategy.
The Self Masters is my online university where I teach entrepreneurs the skills they need to start and grow their businesses online.
Jullien Gordon is one of Millennial generation's leading business coaches and the go-to thought leader on mastermind groups. He is a 6 time author and 5 time TED speaker.

As CEO of, his vision is to create a world where everyone has a team. He helps entrepreneurs and organizations transform their businesses and clients' lives through coaching and collective accountability.
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